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Strategic Planning and Creative Services
Calzone is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm offering a comprehensive blend of effective
communications services. We create smart and innovative advertising that gets results. Our philosophy is based on the power of a
single, strong idea. All of our work flows from this simple premise and strikes a balance in both informing and entertaining a consumer.
We like to educate our clients on advertising trends to help take the mystery out of the process.
everything you need and then some...

Calzone has a proven
record of helping companies
successfully market their
products and services. Our
brand planning team works
with a client to construct a
thorough plan of action that
lays out their short-term and
long-range goals with steps
to achieve those goals.


The best advertising message
in the world will not be heard
if it isn't delivered properly.
The Calzone Media Department
offers fully integrated planning
and buying capabilities,
state-of-the-art software and other
resources to maximize a brand's
exposure. Our Media Department
pinpoints the lifestyle of the
target market to more effectively
reach these people with the
intended message.


The Calzone Public Relations
department continually seeks to
identify unique points of
interest for clients that
promote the goodwill of their
company, products and services.
Calzone clients can be assured
their target audience will be
made aware of these points
through well-placed press
releases, news conferences and
other creative media.


The Calzone Account
Management Executives are an
accessible and responsive
group of professionals who
provide a smooth, efficient and
continuous means of
communication to our clients.
Our account managers
and planners develop strategies
to give our clients an
advantage over the competition
and help their business grow.


Successful advertising can't
take place without solid
research. At Calzone, every move
we make for a client is based on
thorough research findings.
Questionnaire formulation,
telephone and mail surveys, data
processing, focus groups and
customized non-traditional
research techniques are just a
few of the research functions
available at Calzone.


Calzone's Interactive Media
Department offers cutting-edge
information and services in
website development, internet
marketing, CD ROM
development, computer based
presentations and other
emerging technologies. We
have access to experienced and
affordable outside vendors
and can help companies stake
out a presence on the ever
growing world wide web.