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February 02, 2009

Lauren Schweppe Clinic 

Owner/Trainer Meadowood Farm

Rider/Road Manager Quiet Hill Farm

Sterling Silver Stables - Maurice, Louisiana

April 24-26, 2009

Click here to download the application to reserve your space in the clinic.

Overnight and Day Stabling Available

Sign up by calling or emailing Jennifer Mosing at

(337) 893-3535 or

Lauren Schweppe is returning to Sterling Silver Stables in Maurice, Louisiana. Her December 2008 clinic was well-received from riders of all ages and levels who benefitted from this nationally successful hunter/humper trainer an competitor.

Lauren started riding in Aspen, Colorado in 1988 and has been active in the horse world ever since she moved to Ocala, Florida in 1997 to ride and show more competitively throughout the country. She acquired many championships at multiple shows before going to work in New Mexico saving horses from slaughter. She returned to Ocala in 2003 and currently runs her own business Meadowood Farm in Ocala. She also works with Bob Braswell and Christina Schlusemeyer training at Quiet Hill Farm. They travel around the east coast with clients and sale horses competing in Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation divisions. They recently returned from the indoor circuit with a championship from Capital Challenge as well as the National Horse Show in Syracuse, NY. She has a few horses that she has sold to customers who have done quite well. One recent accomplishment for one of her horses was winning the First Year Green Hunter Stake at the Washington International Horse Show.

Award and Championships
1999 National Horse of the Year
2000 3rd WIHS Equitation Finals
2000 1st ASPCA/Maclay Regionals
2000 4th Capital Challenge Equitation Championship
2002 1st NFHJA Mini Prix
2002 2nd New Mexico State Fair Grand Prix
2006 Champion HITS Ocala
2007 Champion HITS Ocala
2007 Reserve Champion HITS Ocala
2007 Champion Aiken Spring Classic
2008 Champion Jacksonville Winter
2008 Champion HITS Ocala
2008 Reserve Champion HITS Ocala
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