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March 18, 2008

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Julie Calzone
337.235.2924 Ext. 3

Thousand Trails Contact:
Jim Henderson

Thousand Trails Website Has A New Look and Reflects the Member Experience Online

(Frisco, Tx.) - Visitors to the Thousand Trails website,, will notice a brand new look when they go to the site. The new website reflects the image and the experience that members enjoy at Thousand Trails preserves.

Branded as "America's Finest Outdoor Getaways™," the website now has a visual consistency so that visitors can more easily navigate the site. A news section, featured preserves area, enhanced searches, and improved reservation functionality along with new interactivity through virtual tours and video brings the Thousand Trails community into focus with simplicity.

Thousand Trails operates the world's largest network of private membership camping resorts known as preserves to the members. Most resorts are either on a lake, or river, or close to the ocean. Thousand Trails offers spacious RV sites, cabins, cottages, swimming pools, mini-golf, sport courts, family lodges and miles of hiking trails, all protected by 24 hour security.

"The process to redevelop our online presence began last year," said Jim Henderson, Vice President of Marketing of Thousand Trails. "A thorough analysis of our brand and the membership experience helped us discover how we could better portray the Thousand Trails experience online. Our members are families who enjoy having fun in the great outdoors and the quality of life it provides."

"This is certainly the first big step in continuing the member experience online," said Henderson. "The site will evolve as we add content from within our community."

The website was developed by combining in-house resources and design services from an outside agency. "What's been so great about this rebuild is that we were able to retain much of our current infrastructure, programming and back-end services," said Henderson. "We knew we needed to take the next step in the Internet world and streamline the process for members and potential members."

The 81 preserves on the website each have their own web pages, which enables members and potential members to tour the preserve before making a decision about a reservation. "The site more accurately tells visitors what they can expect when they arrive at one of our preserves," said Henderson. Every one of the preserve pages is updated regularly with events and information.

The new Thousand Trails website has many features that are designed to make the membership experience more interactive. Additionally, the website helps potential new members navigate the site easily while discovering all of the great locations in the Thousand Trails systems.

The new "Members Only" section consolidates and organizes the member's reservations, account information and benefits. In addition, there is a wealth of information provided that helps makes the RV and camping experience more enjoyable.

With new online comment cards and surveys, members can quickly and easily share concerns or suggestions about experiences at a preserve or with the Thousand Trails member services department. The login process has been revamped to help members manage their accounts while still touring the website.

"What we have achieved is a way for us to keep our members as loyal customers," said Henderson. "At the same time prospective customers are better able to experience what Thousand Trails has to offer."

Visit Thousand Trails online at

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