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September 03, 2007

For Immediate Release

Company Contact:
Tom Stinnett
Tom Stinnett RV Freedom Center
(812) 282-7718

Media Contact:
Julie Calzone
Calzone & Associates
(337) 235-2924 ext. 3

Volvo Truck Chassis Offers Comfort, Style, Reliability and Power for Equine Motorcoach

(Louisville, Ky.) - Volvo Trucks of North America delivered its first truck chassis to Equine Motorcoach manufacturers this week. The Equine Motorcoach is the only motorized ground vehicle available in the United States that combines a recreation vehicle and horse trailer into one unit. The final stage of the custom production of the Equine Motorcoach is completed in Europe, where these types of vehicles have been around for over a decade. This first Equine Motorcoach to arrive in the United States later this year will accommodate six horses in the horse transport area.

"In addition to its exceptional ride and luxurious cab, the Volvo VNL Daycab chosen for the Equine Motorcoach is the most maneuverable truck in its class," said Aaron Fruits, Volvo Trucks of North America. The panoramic, one-piece windshield gives the driver more than 2,000 square inches of viewing area, so drivers see more of the road and more of the Equine Motorcoach. "Every feature and detail is driver friendly, to make life easier especially when transporting horses," said Fruits.

A design that's easy on the eye. And on fuel bills.

Thanks to the VNL Daycab's aerodynamic design, Equine Motorcoach owners will enjoy the lowest drag coefficient of any truck on the road. Everything from the heavily sloped hood to the wedge-shaped headlights has been sculpted and streamlined to cut effortlessly through the air. Less drag means better fuel economy.

More comfort in the cab. Better handling on the road. Smoother ride for the horses.

Volvo chassis vehicles equipped with an air ride suspension absorb the variations in road conditions with air spring and the assistance of a Z-shaped leaf spring. The air suspension provides a smooth ride whether the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. It also reduces wear on tires and chassis. This translates to a smoother ride for equine passengers.

For a driver, this is the ultimate environment.

The VNL Daycab works hard to keep the driver comfortable. There's extra room between the seats, and plenty of storage space on the back wall and overhead. Superior insulation and soundproofing keeps the cab as quiet as many passenger cars, for better concentration and less fatigue while driving. On the dash, a centrally-positioned screen displays all key diagnostic information. Controls are within easy reach, with optional switches for lights and audio located on the steering wheel. And a handy cup holder is integrated into the molded engine cover.

Turn circles around other trucks.

Equine Motorcoach drivers won't have to worry about maneuvering through crowded spaces, which are common at horse shows. The set-back axle and up to 50º wheel cut deliver a turning radius that's one of the tightest in the industry. And with Volvo's responsive steering, this truck handles as easily on the highway as it does in city traffic and at the horse show.

  • Designed for Stop and Start Driving
  • Excellent Handling and Maneuverability
  • Outstanding Visibility
  • Weight-Conscious and Cost Efficient
  • Aerodynamic Hood for Fuel Economy
  • Volvo D13 Engine Standard
  • Easy-to-Service Volvo Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Engineered for Performance, Designed for Safety
Ride and Handling
  • Quiet, Smooth Ride
  • Cab Air Suspension
  • Ergonomic Seats
  • I-Shift Intelligent Transmission
  • Up to 50° Wheel Cut for Tight Turning Radius and Excellent Maneuverability
  • Highly Responsive Steering
  • 2,000 Square Inch Windshield for Superb Visibility
  • Frame-Mounted Hood Minimizes Vibration
  • Chrome Headlight Assembly with Projection Headlights Improves Right Shoulder Night Time Visibility
Driver Comfort
  • Adjustable Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column
  • Comfort Grip Steering Wheel
  • Ergonomic Dash with Tactile Switches
  • Solar-Managed Windshield
  • Insulated Cab Minimizes Noise
  • High-Performance Climate Control System
  • Double-Sealed Doors Keep Out Noise and Dirt
  • Cab Air Filter
Driver Protection
  • Only Manufacturer that Meets or Exceeds Standards of Swedish Impact Test
  • Interior Hood Release on Steering Column for Security
  • Volvo Link Sentry Standard
  • Self-Cleaning, Anti-Slip Steps
  • Interior Grab Handles Stay Warm and Dry, Designed for Safe 3-Point Entry/Exit
  • Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) with ABS and Stability Control Standard
  • Overlapping Sun Visors Reduce Glare
  • Projection-Beam Headlights
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Driver-Side Air Bag Standard
  • Energy-Absorbing Steering Column
  • Engine and Transmission Designed to Drop Under Cab in Major Frontal Impact
  • Door Hinges Designed to Stay Closed in Collision and Open Afterwards
  • High-Strength-Steel Cab
  • Welded, Galvanized Construction
  • Automotive-Finish Factory Paint
  • 3-Piece Steel Chrome Bumper
  • Heat-Treated Frame Rail Rated at 120,000 psi
  • Hood Opens 60° for Full Access to Engine and Components
  • Gas Shocks Assist in Hood Opening and Closing
  • Roped-In Windshield Easily Replaced
  • Halogen Headlights Replaceable with No Tools
  • Ground Access to Service and Check Points on Cool Side of Engine

For more information go to: For more information the Volvo chassis and truck go to the Equine Motorcoach website. To read the release online go to

About Equine Motorcoach
Equine Motorcoach,, is a new horse transport vehicle, which offers the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship, luxury fittings and the most modern vehicle technology. Equine Motorcoach combines the comfort and amenities of a top-of-the line RV with accommodations for horse transport and tack and supplies storage. Equine Motorcoach is the only motorized ground vehicle available in the United States that combines a recreation vehicle and horse trailer into one unit. There is nothing else like it in North America. Horses and their owners will travel and live in style.

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