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May 22, 2007

For Immediate Release

Company Contact:
Thousand Trails
Jim Henderson
(214) 618-7200

Public Relations Contact:
Calzone & Associates
Julie Calzone
(337) 235-2924 Ext. 3

Partnership with Thousand Trails Provides Great New Benefit to Camping World President's Club Members

(Frisco- Tx.) - The popularity of RVing finds its roots in America's passion for the open road and desire for comfort, convenience and security. Americans seek the outdoors as a way to unwind from stressful jobs and spend more time with family and friends.

Membership camping is the preferred option for many active RVers because of the advantages and luxuries it offers. The greatest benefits are privacy, 24-hour security and well-maintained resorts. Safety and security are among the foremost important benefits, which means that families can let their children play without worrying about them - just like "the good old days." Another layer of security is added because access to the campgrounds is limited to members only.

Thousand Trails is the largest private campground system in North America with 81 locations in 23 states. They have more than 35 years experience providing family recreation in secure, scenic destinations that are RV-friendly.

Camping World's President's Club has teamed up with Thousand Trails to offer a complimentary 4-day, 3-night Weekend Get-A-Way at select Thousand Trails' resorts. Participants also receive a $50 Camping World merchandise certificate and a 30-day Camping Membership ($1,000 value) when they take advantage of this promotion.

"We approached Thousand Trails earlier this year about becoming our preferred resort camping system partner for our President's Club members," said Mark Boggess, chief operating officer for Camping World. "They were an immediate enthusiastic partner and made an incredible offer and I hope our members take advantage of it."

Camping World President's Club members will enjoy resort-style camping that caters to families with amenities such as pools, miniature golf, tennis courts and WiFi in select locations. Weekend entertainment is also offered at many of the preserves.

To learn more about this promotion and to find a Thousand Trails preserve near you, please call 1-888-764-3505 or log on to

About Thousand Trails
Founded in 1969, Thousand Trails, LP is one of the largest and most successful private camping clubs in the country. Member families enjoy more than 81 membership-based campgrounds in 23 states, the result of combining strong systems like Thousand Trails, NACO, Leisure Time, Mid-Atlantic and Outdoor World. With more than 30 years of experience in family camping, they are committed to providing the highest quality private camping - clean, safe, affordable and fun.

Properties are known as "preserves," because Thousand Trails protects the nature and beauty of the environment for their members' enjoyment.

About Camping World
Camping World Inc. is America's largest direct marketer and specialty retailer of RV and outdoor camping accessories and services. Founded in 1966, Camping World has grown from a single store in Bowling Green, Kentucky to its current 76 SuperCenters with more than 500 service bays, in 26 states. The President's Club customer loyalty program has more than 700,000 active members all saving at least 10% on every purchase at Camping World through the retail stores, the catalog and on the web at

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