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November 16, 2006

For Immediate Release
November 16, 2006

Woodall's Releases 2007 North American Campground Directory
Digital Version Creates 24/7 Accessibility

(View online at

(Ventura, Calif.) - Already viewed by many outdoor experts as the most comprehensive campground directory available, Woodall's has announced the release of the 2007 Woodall's North American Campground Directory, with many new enhancements and more than 280,000 changes from the 2006 edition. The directory covers the entire United States, Mexico, and Canada with information on campgrounds, RV Sales & Service Centers, and visitor attractions.

Select editions of the 2007 Woodall's North American Directory will also feature a fully searchable Bonus CD-ROM. Each CD features all the campgrounds, RV parks, service centers and attractions that are contained in the North American Campground Directory in a searchable format that does not require an Internet connection to use.

Woodall's has been providing information about RVing and camping for more than 70 years. The new directory includes instant Internet & Wi-Fi information and is the largest RV park and campground directory available, with more than 14,000 total listings. There are hundreds of locations of RV sales/service dealerships and fun attractions to visit while traveling. At-a-glance charts tell if a campground welcomes big rigs, is Internet-friendly, welcomes pets and allows easy online reservations at Detailed maps and "Rules of the Road" for each state and province are also available. Two-thousand-plus pages cover the United States, Mexico and Canada.

"Woodall's keeps evolving and growing just like the travel segment our publications target," said Joe Daquino, vice president and group publisher for Affinity Group, Inc. and AGI Interactive. "Field inspections really keep us in touch with the campgrounds and the customers they serve. Through these on-site visits, we are uniquely positioned to assist the RVer and camper with current information that creates a more enjoyable experience."

One of the results of those field inspections is the Woodall's assignment of two ratings to each privately owned campground/RV park. One rating is assigned to the facilities at the park (sites, roads, service buildings, restrooms, hookups, etc.). A separate recreation rating is also assigned, which factors both on-site and nearby recreation into the rating. Both facilities and recreation ratings range from 1 "W" to 5 "W". The final ratings are a composite of several different areas of interest.

"Ratings depend on the quality and quantity of our criteria elements," said Daquino. "The more "W" symbols a park has generally reflects the presence of more development at the park, and usually more facilities." However, the maintenance of the campground weighs heavily in all ratings assignments. Cleanliness is a major factor in determining if the RVer or camper will have an enjoyable vacation. The maintenance level at a park must meet or exceed the recommended ratings or the rating cannot be assigned at that level.

This year's Directory offers a special editorial section, "Road Map to Pursuing Your Passion!" The special section is organized by region and then by state or province. It explores some of the activities that RVers are passionate about -- fishing, hiking, golfing, geocaching, shopping, historical areas and much more.

"It's apparent that our focus is our customer," said Daquino. "We're here to serve them and assist them with having a great time when they travel. Every year, we uncover more and more for them to do. Their travel passions are our passions."

In addition to the 2007 Woodall's North American Directory and bonus CD, there are 10 other editions of campground directories and guides available from Woodall's: Woodall's standard North America Campground Directory, Eastern Campground Directory, Western Campground Directory and seven Regional Campground Guides. Woodall's also offers a Tenting Directory, an RV Buyer's Guide, RV and camping books, and five Regional Newspapers that offer up-to-date RV information. The Woodall's Extended Stay Guide helps the RVer find places to park and RV for a month or a season, and is included in each edition of the Campground Directory.

The 2007 edition is available on with a fully searchable CD. That means that the entire database of campgrounds, service centers, dealers and attractions are available on CD. It can be used for preplanning at home or to find places to stay and attractions to visit while on the road. It helps when there's a need to do a search and there's no Internet connection and/or the traveler's preference is a digital product.

Woodall's is the official Directory of the Family Motor Coach Association, Family Campers & RVers, and Camping World President's Club. Woodall's also offers member benefits to the Escapees and Camp Club USA. For more information on Woodall's and its publications, call 800-323-9076 or visit


Joe Daquino, Vice president and Group publisher for Affinity Group, Inc. and AGI Interactive

Julie Calzone, President/CEO Calzone & Associates
337-235-2924 ext. 3,

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