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March 02, 2006

(Ventura, Calif.) -Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI), through its AGI Events division, has announced the acquisition of Plus Events, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based producer of 6 consumer shows in the RV, boat, camping and home and garden markets.

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Julie Calzone
Calzone & Associates
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For Immediate Release
March 2, 2006

AGI Events Acquires Las Vegas Show Producer

(Ventura, Calif.) -Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI), through its AGI Events division, has announced the acquisition of Plus Events, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based producer of 6 consumer shows in the RV, boat, camping and home and garden markets.

AGI, a California-based business, is a leading media and marketing company in the recreational vehicle (RV), boat and powersports markets. It provides numerous publications, affinity clubs and services to consumers who enjoy these recreational lifestyles.

The acquisition is the third in the past 15 months for AGI Events, and it elevates their consumer show total to 24 events in 11 cities.

"We have a very aggressive plan to expand our show division at AGI," says Steve Hedlund, president of AGI Events. "The marriage between strong, local RV, boat and powersports shows and AGI's extraordinary media and marketing assets creates far greater value for show exhibitors. There is a great upside for both our customers and our overall business."

The shows acquired with Plus Events will be combined with AGI Events' existing Pomona RV and Lifestyle Show in California to form a southwest regional group. Harry Sleight, who together with Shirley Kocman, founded Plus Events, will lead the group. Sleight will serve as Vice President/Regional Manager.

"AGI's involvement with the business Shirley and I have built over the past 18 years will bring significant strength to all of our shows," says Sleight. "I look forward to the marketing muscle that will be added to the shows we already produce and to the prospects for new shows as well."

Sleight's Las Vegas-based group produces shows in Sacramento, CA, Reno, NV, Las Vegas, NV and Pomona, CA. Currently AGI Events also produces 5 shows from its Minneapolis, MN-based group and 12 shows from its Richmond, VA-based group.

"These shows are primarily local businesses, thus the regional office and management structure will stay intact," according to Tom Gaither, senior vice president of AGI Events. "While we intend to harness the marketing power of AGI to strengthen and expand the shows, we also realize that the local relationships with customers and vendors are what make each of these shows unique. Our opportunity is to add value to those existing relationships."

About AGI Events
AGI Events,, is a division of Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI), which owns and operates recreation-focused consumer shows throughout North America. The division currently produces shows serving the RV, boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, golf, home, garden and ice fishing markets.

About the Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI)
Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI),, and its affiliated companies serve the safety, security, comfort, and convenience needs of the North American outdoor and recreational vehicle market. The goal is simple: AGI makes RV ownership and the RV lifestyle more enjoyable. With various companies, brands, products and services, AGI targets almost every aspect of this diverse and dynamic niche market. No wonder so many travelers depend on AGI on a daily basis.

Steve Hedlund, President/AGI Events
(800) 848-6247;

Julie Calzone, CEO/Calzone & Associates
(337) 235-2924 ext. 3,

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