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September 22, 2005

(Ventura, CA) - When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI) and its employees acted quickly to join in the mobilization of resources for the survivors of the United States' single largest natural domestic disaster.

Below you will find a press release detailing AGI’s Hurricane relief efforts.

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Calzone & Associates
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September 22, 2005

National RV and Outdoor Recreation Company and Its Employees Raise More Than $250,000 in Aid For Hurricane Katrina Survivors

(Ventura, CA) - When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI) and its employees acted quickly to join in the mobilization of resources for the survivors of the United States' single largest natural domestic disaster.

As of last week, cash contributions hit the $188,000 mark. In response to the massive disaster, AGI doubled its traditional matching efforts, so that each $1 contributed by an AGI employee resulted in $3 going to the appropriate charitable fund for relief efforts. The unprecedented move resulted in $140,000 in cash contributions coming from AGI and its brands. The Good Sam Club joined in the relief efforts as well with an additional $48,000 in cash contributions. The organization of RV owners seeded their fundraising effort with an initial $10,000 contribution that was matched by nearly $38,000 from its members.

Through its nationwide retailer, Camping World, AGI also contributed more than $70,000 worth of merchandise to hurricane victims in Louisiana. The much-needed tents, sleeping bags and apparel were delivered to local relief efforts in both Baton Rouge and Lafayette - two of the fastest growing cities due to the large number of evacuees being housed in shelters.

"We are so proud that our employees and club members opened their hearts and checkbooks to make such a generous donation," said Mike Schneider, CEO of AGI. "When they asked us how they could help, we had no idea of the generosity they would show toward those who lost everything."

To promote RV customer donations, Camping World started its holiday charity event early by placing donation boxes in stores two days after the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast. The nationwide retailer also included links to the Red Cross and Salvation Army in its E-Newsletter, as well as on a landing page on its Web site, to make donating as easy as possible.

The Good Sam Club is currently coordinating a temporary housing solution between and its club members who want to donate trailers or motorhomes for those left homeless by the hurricane. Details of the donation process are being finalized with a target location of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, being considered due to the large concentration of evacuees being housed there.

AGI is also responding to the call for blood donations by holding employee blood drives at their corporate locations: Ventura, California; Denver, Colorado; and Bowling Green, Kentucky. The company is posting all job openings for AGI and Camping World on the U.S. Department of Labor special job site for Hurricane Katrina victims who are looking for employment in new cities due to relocation at

About Affinity Group, Inc.
The Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI),, and its affiliated companies serve the safety, security, comfort and convenience needs of the North American outdoor and recreational vehicle market. With various companies, brands, products and services, AGI targets almost every aspect of this diverse and dynamic niche market.

Affiliated companies include the Good Sam Club, Camping World, Coast to Coast Resorts, Golf Card International, TL Enterprises, Ehlert Publishing, RVtoday,, and Woodall's. The corporate headquarters are located in Ventura, California. Subsidiary operations and divisions can be found at multiple locations throughout the United States.

Kevin Hobbs, Affinity Group, Inc.

Julie Calzone, CEO/Calzone & Associates
337.235.2924 ext. 3,

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