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January 26, 2016


New Year's Resolution Check Up!
As the first month of 2016 comes to a close, Boulet PT & Wellness thinks it's time for a check up! A New Year's Resolution check up to be exact. Whether you wanted to eat better, exercise more, give up a bad habit, or gain a good one in the new year, let's take a look at how you're doing. Are you sticking with your resolution and improving your life one step at a time? That's great! What if you fell off of the wagon a little bit? That's okay too! We're here to get you back on track. The tips below can either help you to continue to work towards your goals OR regain the original vision you had of reaching them.

Resolution #1 
Eat Better in 2016
  1. Never Skip Breakfast: You've heard it a million times before, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." It truly is and here's why: breakfast means to literally "break the fast" that your body has been going through while you sleep. It kick starts your metabolism and helps your body start burning calories. It is best to have a big breakfast and then limit your meals as the day goes on. Your body will have more time to break down and digest the food as you go about your day and it will nick those late night hunger pangs. Start your day right with breakfast and finish the day strong.
  2. Cook for Yourself: Preparing your own meals is the easiest way to know exactly what you're eating, but it doesn't have to feel like a chore! The Internet is a great resource to find fun exciting new recipe ideas. With outlets like Pinterest and meal prepping blogs there is an endless supply of new ideas. Try swapping out traditional ingredients for healthier ones. For example, use low carb choices like spaghetti squash or quinoa to compliment your proteins! You don't have to sacrifice flavor for health.
  3. Limit Your Snacking: It's almost inevitable, once 3:00 p.m. rolls around you are bound to get hungry. Your growling stomach lets you know it's snack time. Snacking is the easiest way to lose sight of your eating goals. One small snack can turn into a ravenous hunt for food. You don't have to eliminate snacking all together, just make sure you are mindful of what and how much you are eating. Snack on pre-packaged health snacks or create your own portion-sized snacks.
Resolution #2
Exercise More in 2016
  1. Create a Habit: Find a time in your schedule that you will always be available to workout. Whether it is in the early morning hours before work or right when you get off, it is important to find a time that is doable for you. Once you find the right time, it will make it easier to go everyday (even the days that you really aren't feeling it). Once it's a habit, it becomes part of your schedule and you don't have to think twice about it.
  2. Mix it Up: Exercising doesn't mean you are stuck to the confines of your local gym. Go outside for a run or walk. Take an aerobics class. Staying healthy means staying active and that is possible a number of ways. Not only is changing your workout routine good for you mentally, it is also better for your muscles. Different exercises target different muscles and if you are doing the same workout over and over again you will only build up one type of muscle. Keep your workouts from becoming stale and give yourself the option of choosing your exercise based on how you feel.
  3. Find a Partner: Getting the motivation to stay active is hard by yourself. It is always better when you have a partner to encourage you and hold you accountable to your resolutions. Find someone who is like-minded to help keep you company and offer support along your journey.
Resolutions #3 and #4

Quit _____.
Start _____.

Fill in these blanks for yourself! What did you decide to give up or pick up during the New Year? If you didn't make a resolution, it's never too late to start bettering yourself! Quit smoking or stressing. Start drinking water or getting more rest.

Whatever it is you want to change,

Boulet PT and Wellness is here for you every step of the way.


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