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November 20, 2015


Setting the table for a big family dinner is an art. Picking the right table accessories can be just as important as putting the meal together. If you have a large dining table, why not use the beautiful food you cook as a centerpiece? Use pedestals like these from Charm Lafayette to make the meal a little more decorative. If you have a smaller table, opt for a few candles and short vases with flowers. Caroline & Company has great candles that double as a vase after the candle burns out. Perfect! Lolli & Bop has festive turkey serving bowls to add to your table. If you don't want a turkey serving bowl that you can only use once a year, consider finding a piece from a ShopLafayette or Shop River Ranchstore. You can also get a platter from Caroline & Company to display your beautiful turkey. Don’t forget a personalized paper placemat for each of your guests! You can get these from Charm Lafayette.




Photos Left to Right: (Top) Charm Lafayette, Caroline & Company, Lolli & Bop. (Bottom) Caroline & Company, Charm Lafayette

Whether you are having a small get-together, or you are having both sides of the family over for Thanksgiving, you will want a delicious turkey. Don’s Specialty Meats has deboned turkey rolls from 5 pounds to the whole turkey stuffed with all your favorite treats. Stay traditional with cornbread dressing inside, or go all out with a crawfish etoufee stuffed turkey roll. YUM! Or, if you’re planning on having a large gathering, entertain your guests with a Turducken from Nunu’s Fresh Market for a mouthful of flavors. 


As for the rest of the meal, you may want to consult with your guests. If it’s BYOS (Bring Your Own Side), organize who will bring what. If everyone is pitching in for one person to make a big shopping trip, divvy up the cost between the guests. Either way, be sure to spend that money wisely! Rouse’s Market is a great source of pre-made and boxed sides that are easily put together as well as individual ingredients for made-from-scratch options. Don’t forget to go through their Weekly Specials before you go!




More options for local grocery stores include: Joey'sHebert'sChampagne's, and more! 

Here’s a quick shopping list and menu that you can tailor to your needs:

Turkey (Mentioned above OR frozen + butter, chicken stock, and lemon)
Dressing mix (OR 
check out this from scratch option!)
Pumpkin pie (OR pie crust and filling mix)
Veggies (preferred side dish and veggie tray appetizer)
Jellied cranberry sauce
Dinner rolls


Thanksgiving extras and tips:

-Have guests who don't like pumpkin pie? No problem! Pick up a delicious dessert from Renaissance Market and Brasserie a day or two ahead of time. Get your guests a carrot cake or a turtle cheesecake to satisfy their sweet tooth!


-If your guest to chair ratio is skewed in favor of guests, stop by Posh Exclusive Interiors for custom designed furniture for sale or lease it just for the occasion!


-Once Thanksgiving is over, you have Christmas to think about! De-stress between the holidays with Spa Mizan before starting all over again! 

-Not hosting this year? These on-the-go carriers will help you make a contribution, thanks to the Royal Standard!


-Get all your turkey essentials from E’s Kitchen from the simple brining bags to a Bluetooth dual probe thermometer and timer!


-Don’t send your personal Tupperware home with guests! Just pick up some disposable Tupperware while you’re shopping for food.

No matter what your Thanksgiving plans may be, ShopLafayette has everything you may need to celebrate a wonderful meal with the loved ones you are thankful for. If there's more you need, don't fret, check out the ShopLafayette listings page for a long list of stores where you can find all of your Thanksgiving necessities. 

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