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October 28, 2015


Homecoming and Halloween Hacks! 

With UL Homecoming AND Halloween coming up this weekend, those of us residing in Cajun Nation have a lot on our plates. Do you trick-or-treat then tailgate? Or do you catch the game then head out to a costume party? Here's an idea: trick-or-treat at the tailgating event before the big game! UL has announced that Saturday's tailgating will include trick-or-treating from 1-3 p.m. Children are encouraged to wear their costumes and tailgaters are encouraged to bring candy to pass out. There is even going to be a competition amongst tailgaters for the best decorated area!
There are a lot of great options for the weekend, so EatLafayette wants to help you get the agenda straight. Let us present to you the EatLafayette Homecoming and Halloween Hacks!

Hack #1: Tailgating Food AND Party Food

No matter which occasion you are particularly swaying to this weekend, the party foods and beverages are one in the same. Just on the strip of Bertrand across from Cajun Field are plenty of conveniently located choices! If you’re tailgating this weekend, save yourself some time and trouble by grabbing a Catering Tray from Joey’s and Margaritas by the gallon from Agave Cantina. Hosting a Halloween get together instead? Feed all of those mouths with DeanO’s Pizzas or maybe grab some Famous Café Habana City Mojitos to serve to your party guests. Best part of this hack: all of these options work for either event! No matter what you choose, you’ve still got yourself a good time.

Hack #2: No Tricks, Just TREATS

For this Halloween Hack, we’re giving you the intel on the tastiest Halloween treats in town. For starters, Sophi P’s fall cupcakes are a must-try of the season! Our favorite? The Drunkin’ Punkin’ which is spiced pumpkin cake, filled and topped with a spiced rum buttercream. For the full fall menu and to order a few for your party,click here.
Indulge Desserts is also getting festive this year. Just look at the picture below! From Pumpkin Pie Lattes made with Reve Coffee to Graveyard Cupcakes, Indulge has treats for everyone in the family! To check out their full menu and contact them about your special order, click here.

Hack #3: The All-in-One Deal

Maybe you want to watch the game, trick-or-treat AND EatLafayette all at the same time. Rochetto’s Pizzeriais your Homecoming / Halloween solution! Located in Scott, next to I-10, Rochetto’s Pizzeria will have the football game on every TV in the house. The employees are also known for dressing up each Halloween and handing out candy to all of the kiddos that dine in. Interested? Click here to see the full menu.
Jefferson Street Pub is also hosting a Halloween / Homecoming after party this year! With the game on the TVs, an awesome costume contest, and drink specials limited to this night only, JSP is a great way to get the best of both worlds! Check out the details below.
It may be a busy holiday weekend, but using these EatLafayette hacks are easy ways to ensure that you truly enjoy yourself throughout all of the festivities!

Happy Homecoming, Happy Halloween and Allons Manger!

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