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July 08, 2015

Local Spotlights:
Dr. Kevin Lenderman and Laura Davidson


It's the heat of the summer and Tri-Running knows how draining the high temperatures can be. Just when you think you're ditching your workout routine because you just aren't motivated, we are here with a bit of inspiration. Well, two bits of inspiration. Let me introduce you to Dr. Kevin Lenderman and Laura Davidson. 




Dr. Kevin Lenderman is a licensed chiropractor at The Bryant Wellness Institute in New Iberia. When asked what inspired him to become a specialist in this field, he recalled the story of his mother's accident. She was involved in a severe car accident that delivered devastating results, but it was the art of chiropractic that enabled her miraculous recovery. He knew then, what he wanted to do with his life. He went on to study in Dallas, moved here in 1997, and has been in private practice ever since.


Dr. Lenderman has over 15 years of private practice experience. We decided to use this experience to offer insight into what chiropractic can offer fitness enthusiasts. When asked what the benefits of treatment are for individuals who exercise regularly, Dr. Lenderman responded:


"Those who exercise regularly put their body through maximum stress. It's like running an engine at full RPM."


He went on to explain that small problems become big problems when you live an active lifestyle. He described how from the moment you were born you put stress on your body. You fell learning to walk, you tripped on the playground, you wrestled with your cousins, and then you got your driver's license and there were fender benders and so on and so forth. All of these small traumas contributed to the state of your muscular-skeletal system today.


Aside from muscular-skeletal issues, Dr. Lenderman listed some of the other running-related issues he sees in the wellness center. The two most frequent are pelvic rotation and plantar fasciitis. He stressed that pelvic rotation problems are those that athletes, especially runners, should be aware of. When your pelvis is out of balance it can throw your knees out, your feet out, and your gait off. The Bryant Wellness Institute is experienced in both of these areas and has a specifically designed protocol for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. This injury can be very difficult to deal with and particularly painful for the runner, but Dr. Lenderman and his practice offer a combination of techniques to resolve these issues for their patients. These techniques include: dry needling, acupuncture, cold laser therapy and ultrasound.


Finally, when asked what part of his job he enjoys the most Dr. Lenderman answered:


"It's when I take someone headed down a pathway 

where they will be in serious trouble if they don't make a change. 

I show them a different fork in the road 

and guide them down a better path. 

Then you bump into them years later and see them very healthy, 

still headed down the right road."


Dr. Lenderman is also an advocate for drug-free treatment. He discussed how American healthcare today is largely focused on covering up symptoms rather than resolving them. Wellness centers such as Dr. Lenderman's focus on why the problem is occurring and target the causes. Dr. Lenderman has been successfully using drug-free treatments for 18 years.


Want more Dr. Lenderman? Learn more about his Corporate Wellness Workshops here or check him out for Wellness Wednesdays with CJ and Debbie Ray on KTDY! For an up close and personal experience with Dr. Lenderman check out the opportunity below.


Natural Solutions to Common Running Injuries 

Workshop by Dr. Kevin Lenderman


When: July 27th at 6:15PM

Where: Tri-Running Lafayette

RSVP: 337-232-8212


It is important that you RSVP, because there are only 20 openings and this is a FREE workshop. Call and reserve your spot TODAY! This is an opportunity for runners to learn about all of the following: running injuries, natural solutions, arch support, pelvic rotation, products, and much more. Don't miss out!




Our other spotlight today also demonstrates this same year-round dedication. Laura Davidson has lost around 60 pounds since November 1, 2014, and she doesn't plan on letting the heat slow her down! Here is a little insight into Laura's inspiring journey.


Laura Davidson comes from an athletic background. Both of her parents are school coaches; her mother a retired physical education teacher and her father the head coach of the Acadiana High football team.  Laura and her siblings were involved in sports and other athletic activities for as long as she can remember. Laura cheered throughout high school and also cheered for a year on the collegiate level at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. While cheerleading, she also stayed active in areas such as tumbling and dancing. One day cheerleading ended and so did her easy-to-maintain metabolism. Last November she decided that it was time to get rid of the unwanted weight she had gained.


Though she doesn't get on the scale, Laura estimates that she has dropped about 60 pounds and is 10 sizes down. Of course, we had to know her secret, so we asked her what her workout routine and diet plan looked like.


Laura is at the gym for 3:30 AM six days a week. (WHAT?!)

She does 30-45 minutes of upper body work depending on the day.

This is followed by heavy cardio.

6-7 miles rotating three different machines.

She uses a polar watch to target a specific heart rate and calorie count.


Her diet consists of lean protein (she loves steak), high fiber fruits,

only green, high fiber veggies, almonds and almond butter.

She consumes no bread or dairy whatsoever.  

All of her meals are prepared with her own seasoning alternative.


After hearing Laura's account of her workout routine, I asked her about her lower body training. Her response? "I don't workout my legs. People freak out all the time, but they are naturally toned and honestly..."


"... you can't spot train fat!"


She has obviously been very successful in her endeavors, so I'm going to take her advice. Laura's dedication to her new healthier lifestyle is unmatched, and it was awesome to witness the results all of her hard work has given her. Here are a few more fun facts about Laura.


Fitness Accomplishments:    Aside from her weight loss, she can run 2 miles without 
                                                  stopping for the first time since cheerleading!


Fitness Goals:                          To run like Kevin Castille (Don't we all!)

                                                   To run a mile in under 10 minutes


Workout Heaven:                   Cycling classes at Red's


Workout Hell:                          Step Aerobics


She Never Skips:                     Monday workouts


Favorite Cheat Meal:             Pizza and ice cream, but not together


Favorite Shoe:                         Sauconys fit by Tri-Running


Favorite Apparel:                   Under Armour


Finally, we asked Laura if she believed that living the best life means being fit and if she could give us some general advice on changing your lifestyle. She says, "For me, definitely. My confidence is up. There's a pep in my step. I just, physically and mentally, feel better." She also told us that her number one recommendation is to have someone there for support. Whether it be a mentor, an exercise partner, or just a friend to vent to after a bad workout, having that support system is what really helped her to never give up. 
                                                Summer 2014                                                      Summer 2015

Congratulations on being that much closer to reaching your goals Laura! And thanks to both you and Dr. Kevin Lenderman for inspiring us to stay active and reminding us to take care of our bodies even in the hottest, most exhausting time of year.  

Did you know?
Running shoes should be changed out every 300-500 miles. Even though they may still look new on the outside, they are losing support on the inside!


Don't worry...we've kept those records for you!
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