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February 04, 2015

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.” – Alice in Wonderland

That may be true for most people, but we at Calzone believe in magic. Sure, magic may not be the answer to everything, but belief in one’s ability to strive and achieve excellence is practically the same thing. There is no problem we can’t solve with a well thought-out media campaign, a little creative strategy, and a sprinkle of pizzazz. We like to use our “magic” whenever possible, whether it be to design a new website, get our clients featured on national television shows, or engage with the community through social media contests.

Recently, our magical powers at Calzone conjured up a brand new website design for Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro. The design is fresh and sophisticated, trusting in the power of imagery with unique photos that enhance the atmosphere of the site. Sure, we could have just implemented a white background, but where’s the magic in that? Instead, we wanted the viewers to get a sense of the look and feel of the restaurant, and what better way than to incorporate photographs of the beautiful restaurant itself? To get a glimpse of their new website, visit

Aside from their elegant new website, you may have seen Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro on your television. In September 2014, we were able to use our magic and get Chef Greg Doucet with Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro featured on The Cooking Channel’s Chuck’s Eat The Street. Aside from simply landing the restaurant some airtime, we planned a gathering for the night of the show for all to watch and enjoy. We also took over social media during the night to make sure people knew what time to tune in and to interact with the social community. We invited local food bloggers to join in the fun for the night, and Chef Greg surprised everyone with his delicious, and dare we say magical, Fried Fish Head that was featured on the show. You may have also seen Chef Greg and Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro featured on a recent episode of Eric Greenspan is Hungry on the National Geographic channel.

Magic can be everywhere, including social media. Our team has worked avidly with ShopLafayetteTM to promote local shopping in the Lafayette area. Through paid advertisements on Facebook, a variety of pictures showing the latest fashion trends on Instagram, and a Black Friday Takeover with local blogger Anna Broussard, we made it our mission to get the word out for people to #shoplafayette. We are pleased to say that although the campaign is over, the efforts are still trending and continuing to grow, making local Lafayette retailers the place to shop. In January, we have switched gears a bit and are working to sprinkle a little magic on EatLafayetteTM's 11th campaign, sponsored by Lafayette Travel. Be on the look out for magical events, deals, and specials. We at Calzone will be working hard to bring you all the information you need to know which of your favorite local restaurants are having specials throughout the campaign.


No matter what task is at hand, rest assured that the confidence and dedication our team exudes is all the magic we need to achieve excellent work for our clients! 

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