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September 20, 2013

For Immediate Release

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Julie Calzone

337-235-2924 ext. 18

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Ginger Louviere



Avoiding Acne and Rosacea

(Lafayette, La.) - Acne and rosacea are often perceived as skin conditions that are somewhat the same but they are, in fact, quite different and should be treated differently. They can, however, co-exist, making it even more difficult to get a clear diagnosis.


Acne usually starts in puberty but can appear for the first time in adulthood. Acne is associated with an accumulation of oil and dead skin cells in the pores that then become inflamed by the P acne bacteria. Acne always involves comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) as well as pustules but does not create flushing of skin like rosacea. While it is common to associate acne with poor diet, the root cause of acne is both hormonally and stress driven, both of which increases an over production of oil known as sebum. This oil, which acts like glue, is the primary cause of acne by increasing the accumulation of pore-blocking dead skin cells. The most effective way to eliminate this from happening is by minimizing this accumulation of dead skin cells with the use of professional products that are considered non-comedigenic and by adding the use of Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and/or Glycolic Acid as part of your daily skin care routine. These ingredients act as a solvent to dissolve the sebum (glue-like substance) which is the cause of this dead skin cell buildup.


Rosacea is a chronic neurovascular disorder (pertaining to the nerves and blood vessels). While the cause is unknown and there is no known cure, it is a treatable condition that primarily effects the central face (cheeks, nose and chin) and can go through periods of flare-ups and remissions. Although it can appear at any age, it is more common after the age of 30 as a flushing and redness on the cheeks that may come and go. If left untreated, over time, it can become ruddier with visible blood vessels and bumps and pimples may appear. The symptoms and signs can be controlled with changes in diet and lifestyle. Spicy foods, sun exposure and excessive heat should be avoided as well as the use of steam. Although the cause is unknown, one possible theory includes Mite (demoden Folliculorum) bacteria, fungus and malfunction of the connective tissues.

For best results, both of the skin conditions should be addressed three to six months before a special event (i.e. Wedding Day) to avoid any exacerbation of symptoms. Your medically-trained aesthetician can recommend a safe and effective daily home care routine while incorporating a series of specialized facial treatments. If these conditions already exist and they have not been addressed, as a professional aesthetician, I would NOT recommend facial treatments two weeks or less before a special event. Facial treatments can cause a necessary purging effect which could cause these conditions to get worse before they get better.

While acne is a very treatable condition by your professional medical aesthetician, the first signs of rosacea should be treated by your dermatologist who can prescribe Metronidazole which is the primary treatment for rosacea. For best results, this too should be addressed several weeks prior to your special event.

For more information on recommended facial treatments, consult a professional medical aesthetician that you can trust. Don't wait until the last minute. The most competent skin care professionals will already be booked and you may end up taking advice from the wrong people.

Ginger Louviere is a professional aesthetician and owner of Spa Mizan Salon and Spa an award-winning Aveda spa and salon located in Lafayette. For more information about Spa Mizan or to schedule an appointment or consultation, please call 337-981-0608.


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