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July 25, 2013

For Immediate Release
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Julie Calzone
(337) 235-2924 ext 18
Lafayette Travel
Kelly Strenge
(337) 232-3737
2013 EatLafayette Campaign Continues With AT&T Support
(Lafayette, La.) - AT&T, a leading provider of worldwide telecommunications services, renewed its sponsorship for the 2013 EatLafayette™ by Lafayette Travel campaign. AT&T has supported the campaign for multiple years. The campaign that promotes Lafayette, Louisiana’s locally owned restaurants runs through September 2 and touts the Fly Lafayette Club as its title sponsor.
“Lafayette’s culture and our corporate culture can be traced back for decades,” said Donna Byrne, regional director for AT&T Louisiana. “The EatLafayette campaign highlights how special this area is through its cuisine. The culture and the history of the community are what make the food so special. Many of the recipes in our restaurants are generations old.”
AT&T’s history is so rich that one can trace its roots back to the first man who invented the first practical telephone in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell. AT&T is responsible for the first transatlantic phone call in 1927. Other creations that AT&T scientists are credited for are the first transistor, the solar cell, and the C++ programming language.
AT&T builds technical innovations for the benefit of its customers. It implements next-generation technologies and network advancements. AT&T’s creates and designs new global networks, processes, and service platforms that allow the best performance for its customers.
With the nation’s largest 4G network covering over 292 million people, AT&T provides an abundant amount of services, from its revolutionary smartphones to its next-generation TV services.
“Want to tell your friends about this year’s EatLafayette campaign?” said Byrne. “Use your smartphone and computer through our network to share the website or stay connected through social media. This really helps promote the restaurants.”
“EatLafayette and AT&T share long-standing core values: not only do they support the community they reside in, but they consider themselves to be members of the community as well,” said Byrne. “As a philanthropic company, it only makes sense for AT&T to sponsor a campaign that supports locally-owned restaurants.”
EatLafayette by Lafayette Travel brought to you by the Fly Lafayette Club, has celebrated Lafayette’s cuisine for nine years. This year’s edition of the campaign markets Lafayette, Louisiana’s one-of-a-kind locally owned restaurants signed up 73 participants, a record number.
It began a simple concept of helping locally owned eateries attract customers that grew to a multi-media campaign that now spans 11 weeks. The campaign is funded by sponsorships, registration fees, Lafayette Travel and support by local media groups. 
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