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December 15, 2011

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:

Julie Calzone

337.235.2924 ext. 18

AIE Contact:

Dr. Christopher Erhardt


Academy of Interactive Entertainment Student Games Now Available to Download

Games by AIE Students can be Downloaded from

(Lafayette, LA) - The Academy of Interactive Entertainment has made three student games available for download on their website, The three games available are Clo, Clicktraption, and Spelunking Club Session.

AIE has recently opened a campus in Lafayette at the Louisiana Immeresive Techniologies Enterprise (LITE) Center, with campuses also in Seattle and Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, Australia.

About the games:


Clo is a puzzle platform game where you control the druid Clo- on her journey to recover an artefact lost from her tribe. Through Clo's powers of season control - affect the level around you, to make use of a number of objects that help you on your quest! Help Clo on her epic adventure through the season; solve puzzles, traverse beautiful and hazardous worlds, and find hidden tokens to beat your best friend's score! 11 exciting levels to explore! A number of objects to play with that change and react to each season! Totems in each level to find and collect! High score tracking so you can compete with your friends!


In Clicktraption you take control of a maintenance worker inside a diabolical machine that has turned against you. Your aim is to deactivate the exterior shield and escape unharmed before you are crushed or exploded into an unhelpful mess. Clicktraption is a game for 1-2 players on a single computer. The first player controls the maintenance worker and the second, optional player can control the Clicktraption directly, attempting to to stop their escaping companion.

Spelunking Club Session

Spelunking Club Session is a lighthearted, tongue in cheek game about creating your ultimate underground night club. The world of Spelunking Club Session is inhabited by Spelunkers. Spelunkers are awesome little guys who just love to party. The object of the game is to purchase objects for your club that generate revenue for you and make the Spelunkers happy. When the Spelunkers are happy they will buy more from your bars and shops. Whenever a Spelunker buys something you gain money, which you can use to purchase more objects for your club. In Money Challenge mode your goal is to make $1,000,000 as fast as you can, starting with only $10,000. Free Play mode is a sandbox mode in which the party never ends. The game features 45 different place-able objects each with three different themes, allowing you over 100 ways to customize your club. Sprite Hammer Games is proud to present the 18 brilliant dance tracks featured in Spelunking Club Session by these amazing artists: Total Science, MiracleBlue, LCK, EverLight and Levi Dawsett.

To download these games, visit

About AIE

Founded in 1996, AIE is a two-year training college that offers courses in game art, design, and programming as well as film and 3D design and visual effects. While many graduates are advancing into the gaming industry workforce, many are seeking careers in other fields, such as medical simulations, educational tools and petroleum industry solutions.

For more information about the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, visit the website at For information about the Lafayette campus, call 337.476.1565.


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