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November 22, 2011

For Immediate Release

Equine Motorcoach to Use RV|ID
SmartRV service provides helpful tools and enhances the customer experience
Louisville, KY (November 22, 2011). Equine Motorcoach, the builder of an all-in-one motorized RV and horse transport vehicle to be showcased at the RVIA Industry Trade Show this month, announced it is equipping its vehicles with RV|ID™. RV|ID is the innovative location-based system that provides real-time mapping, reports and alerts for high-value mobile assets. Using GPS and wireless communications, together with sophisticated software analytics, RV|ID gives Equine Motorcoach state-of-the art tools to efficiently manage inventory and improve customer support.
In addition, RV|ID-equipped RVs include the exciting new SmartRV™ consumer service. Smart RVs connect RV owners with their RVs and enable them to share their adventures with family and friends on the Internet. The SmartRV service monitors RV batteries, detects theft, provides location information, and automatically generates trip journals.
“The Equine Motorcoach is an exciting new product offering the latest in available technology so it makes perfect sense that it should also include RV|ID as standard equipment.” stated Tom Stinnett, principal and national dealer for Equine Motorcoach who is also the owner of Tom Stinnett Derby City RV in Clarksville, Ind., and co-chair of the Go-RVing Coalition. “RV|ID is good for our business because it enables us to keep in close contact with our customers while giving them to an innovative way to monitor their RVs and ensure the well-being of their horses.”
“We’re pleased that Equine’s innovative RVs will be Smart RVs,” stated John Mancinelli, vice president of RV dealer development for Red Lantern Labs, which offers the RV|ID and SmartRV services. “For manufacturers like Equine, and dealers like Tom Stinnett, our commercial and consumer services are useful, value-add selling features that benefit the whole supply chain, and especially RV owners.”
About Equine Motorcoach
Equine Motorcoach, LLC, ( a RV and horse transport company based in Louisville, KY, is the exclusive North American producer of the innovative Equine Motorcoach. Founded by co-owners Tom and Carolyn Stinnett and veteran advertising executive Julie Calzone, Equine Motorcoach RVs are manufactured in Bristol, IN by Kibbi, LLC. Tom Stinnett Derby City RV (, Clarksville, Ind., is the national dealer for all Equine Motorcoach products. Visit Equine at Booth 1528 at the National RV Trade show in Louisville, KY.
About Red Lantern and RV|ID
Using GPS and wireless communications technology, RV|ID ( provides valuable real-time mapping, reports and alerts for all stakeholders in the RV value chain—from floorplan lenders, to manufacturers, rental fleets and dealers. For RV owners, the SmartRV service ( monitors RV batteries, detects theft, provides location information, and automatically generates trip journals, which can be enhanced with trip details and shared with friends and family or posted to Facebook. Follow RV|ID on Twitter and like RV|ID and SmartRV on Facebook.
Red Lantern Labs, a privately held company based in Solana Beach, California, develops advanced telematics services that address the specific needs of the value chains in the RV,marine, heavy equipment, power sports and similar industries. Its patent-pending technology offers useful tools and a fun new social network for consumers and provide a full range of tools and applications that help businesses reduce risk and cost, operate more efficiently, enhance customer service and improve sales. Visit us at Booth C7 at the National RV Trade show in Louisville, KY.
Tom Stinnett
Equine Motorcoach, LLC
Jon Corn, President of Business Development & Sales
+1-858-367-5192 and

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