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October 06, 2011

(Lafayette, La.) - Julie Calzone, Equine Alert founder and owner, has been chosen to speak on a panel about emergency preparedness for equestrian related facilities at the United States Eventing Association convention in Nashville, Tennessee in early December.

Eventing could be termed an "equestrian triathlon." It involves working with a horse both on the flat and over fences. The three phases are: dressage, endurance (or cross-country), and show jumping. Over the centuries it has developed from the test of the ideal military charger. Eventing has now evolved into an exciting sport attracting interest from all levels of sports enthusiasts, from weekend hobby riders to professional international stars.

The USEA membership represents some of the top equestrian athletes who compete world wide at Olympic, World Cup and Championship events.

"We are here to assist equestrian facilities in the U.S. with safety and security systems," said Calzone. "Equine Alert has scaled its operations to provide complete training, monitoring and protocol systems for emergencies and security at equestrian related businesses nationally."

The company has partnered with Acadian Monitoring Services, Safety Management Systems and Convergint Technologies to provide full-scale development, installation and monitoring of security, fire, video and audio systems for facilities that house horses.

The partners were carefully selected because of their foundation in emergency and safety management. Equine Alert designs and installs systems to meet whatever a horse facility needs, especially with the increased codes and permit requirements. Whether it is a foal watch camera or a completely integrated system of sprinklers, fire/security/video monitoring, Equine Alert is equipped to do it all.

Equine Alert is based in the Gulf Coast region of the United States and is taking advantage of decades of expertise in the energy sector. The company has also begun a relationship with Knight Security, which covers the state of Texas.

Julie Calzone began her career as a rock and roll promoter and successfully transformed a one-person advertising design shop (Calzone) into a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm with a wide range of local, regional and national clients. With a Bachelor of Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York and a Master of Science in Personnel from St. Bonaventure University, she definitely has the background along with a “can do” attitude. 

Julie is an amateur horse owner, rider and breeder of European sport horses. 

Over the past four years she has combined her passion for horses with entrepreneurship to found two more companies that serve the equestrian market. Equine Motorcoach™ manufacturers all-in-one motorized RV and horse transport vehicles. The company recently cornered the market on a towable horse transport that is branded Equine Carriage™.

Her most recent venture, Equine Alert, has been in research and development for two years. Her vision was to create a business that leveraged technology to increase the safety and security at horse farms, veterinary clinics, equestrian facilities and show grounds. Equine Alert scaled its operations to provide complete training, monitoring and protocol systems for emergencies and security at equestrian-related businesses nationally.

She serves on the Louisiana Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and dedicates time to the horse program at Angola Prison in Louisiana. She organizes their public horse auctions, which reaps monetary and behavioral rewards for Louisiana Prison Enterprises and the trustees. Her ad agency serves a variety of equestrian clientele.

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