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August 22, 2011

For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Julie Calzone
(337) 235 -2924 ext. 18
SkyNet Data Solutions Contact:
Josh Reed
(337) 232-2525
Get A Game Plan For A Hurricane Or Any Potential Disaster
Skynet Data Solutions Provides Business Computing Solutions in Preparation for Hurricane Season
(Lafayette, La.) – Hurricane season is here and no one wants to see one come onshore, especially in South Louisiana. The region was hit hard between 2002 and 2008.
The region has learned that preparation is key to minimize losses, residentially and commercially. The digital age has created a whole new level of disaster protocol to ensure that valuable data, files and revenue-producing computer-based business is not permanently lost or damaged.
Skynet Data Solutions (SkyNet) provides services for disaster preparation and recovery. Services like off-site backup, co-location, cloud computing, and virtualization of machines provide clients with seamless, hassle-free solutions. More importantly, businesses can stay in operation even if they have to evacuate offices.
The services offered by SkyNet provide clients with peace of mind. Off-site backup allows clients to house their information in SkyNet's facility while cloud computing allows clients to seamlessly access their information off site. Co-location and virtualization allow clients to have not only physical machines protected in SkyNet's facility, but also their virtual machines, created for off-site back-up. These services protect the client from virtual or physical disaster, such as destroyed equipment and lost data.
SkyNet also provides a service in which SkyNet technicians can visit a client's office to retrieve data machines, safely store them in SkyNet's facility, and bring them back to the client in case of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, all without the client losing access to their information.
SkyNet Data Solutions (Skynet) is based in Lafayette, Louisiana. For more information about Skynet Data Solution's services, call Josh Reed at (337) 232-2525, or email

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