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December 08, 2010

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For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Julie Calzone
(337)235-2924, ext. 18
Abacus Data Exchange Brings Cloud Computing to Acadiana
(Lafayette, La.) - Local technology group, Abacus Data Exchange, has launched a cloud computing solution that will bring Lafayette’s innovative technology community to a new level. In listening to customers, Abacus quickly learned that connectivity is only part of the equation. What businesses really needed was a trusted partner who could deliver the wide range of business continuity services that big broadband connectivity makes possible.
Abacus initiated a push to leverage broadband connectivity with a variety of providers to enhance the way businesses manage, store and share their data. This solution enables users to access the 100 Mbps network to create solutions and applications that would otherwise be hindered by limited or costly access to the Internet. By computing locally within the Abacus Data Cloud, users never have to go out to the Internet for the critical processing, memory and storage needed. All power, redundancy and security is provided by a local company that is committed to their success.
The Abacus Data Cloud increases network uptime, improves disaster prevention with reliable backups and server duplication, and gives better mobility and remote access. Abacus Data Exchange has developed an off-site Active Directory Domain and storage solution to provide better security, reliability and affordability to businesses.  Abacus provides a local network attached storage device for ease of backing up files and data from the local workstations. Along with storage services, the local device also provides a routing solution for users to insure maximum network capabilities. The features included with this device are firewalled security, web-browsing caching and intrusion detection. 
Local advertising and media company, Calzone & Associates, has partnered with Abacus to leverage the new Data Cloud and implement its functions for its own data management, storage backup and off-site redundancy, as well as file sharing and privacy protection. Calzone is adopting the cloud computing system to share inter-office files among office computers, act as a backup for all office computers, to protect confidential files, share files with clients via password protected folders, share large design files with print-shops, or share large video and audio files with clients and media.  
About Abacus Data Exchange
Abacus Marketing Resources, LLC has been in business since 2005 serving broadband solutions to local businesses. Inspired by Lafayette's commitment to deploying a full fiber network and excited by the opportunity to help businesses take greater advantage of online opportunities, Abacus made the bold decision to leverage leading-edge elastic computing to open the Abacus Data Exchange. Abacus Data Exchange was created as an alternative ‘green’ data center using hosted virtualized infrastructure-as-a-service. In February of 2010 Abacus advanced their services to provide public virtualized infrastructure-as-a-service; often referred to as ‘cloud computing’.
Abacus Data Exchange
110 Travis St., Lafayette, LA 70503


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