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July 13, 2010

Brett Ashy Honored with Prestigious Award for Distinguished Service in the Entertainment Industry 

PromaxBDA pays tribute to Lafayette, Louisiana Native’s influence on the international organization’s programs/development
Pictured left to right: Brett Ashy, President/Principal of The Ashy Agency and Jonathan Block-Verk, President Promax/BDA.
(Los Angeles, Calif.)  -  Brett Ashy, President/Principal of The Ashy Agency, was awarded the PromaxBDA award for distinguished service at the organization’s international conference, which was held in Los Angeles this year. PromaxBDA is the professional organization of the talented individuals and companies who create international advertising and marketing campaigns for television networks and programming.
The award, the highest honor the organization gives to recognize extraordinary service, and the first time the organization has given its highest service honor since 2007, was presented to Ashy during the PromaxBDA design awards show by Michael Benson, SVP, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, ABC Network and ABC Entertainment, and current Chairman of the PromaxBDA Board. During his introduction, Benson lauded Ashy as “consistently being one of the organization’s great ambassadors, a consistent cheerleader for the organization, and the voice of the design community.”
The award is presented for service to the organization and it’s members above and beyond the call of duty. Ashy has served on the BDA board of Governor’s for five years, and was elected the Chairman of the Broadcast Designers Association’s Board of Governors in 2007, completing his two-year term as Chairman in 2009. During his time on the board, Ashy launched a number of initiatives, but his proudest was the creation of an education outreach committee to liaison between the organization and design schools across the nation. The committee also offered students discounted memberships and conference registrations in an effort to extend their exposure and access to high level marketing and promotion executives and exceptional design talent numbered among the organization’s members. The education committee has proved to be a success, opening doors for students to transition to the professional world within this highly competitive field.
In addition, throughout his leadership terms, Ashy spearheaded the creation of several other internal programs and initiatives to advance active participation of the organization’s membership providing increased opportunities for involvement within their industries direction and advancement.
In his acceptance speech, Ashy expressed, “I have always felt so fortunate to be in the broadcast design community” adding, “This is my way of giving back to an industry that had been very kind to me.” Ashy also called for more voices to be expressed within the design community stating that, “ my voice is very loud but isn’t loud enough! We need more voices and more people actively involved so our organization can reach the astounding potential I know it can achieve.”
Also featured at this year’s conference were Jimmy Kimmell, LA Mayor Antonia Villagrosa, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Hugh Hefner was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.
To download a high resolution of the award presentation go to this link:
About Brett Ashy:
Brett Ashy is a native of Lafayette, LA and attended the University of Louisiana, majoring in Public Relations. In 1985, Brett joined the prestigious Circle in the Square Professional Theatre Program in New York City. After a ten year acting career of “show,” Brett delved into “business” as assistant to the head of Sales and Marketing at RGA/LA. Three months later the company restructured, the Director of Sales and Marketing resigned and Brett was appointed Director of Sales and Marketing and was about to get a “baptism by fire”. That same week the movie Se7enopened, and the watershed main title sequence from that movie created by Kyle Cooper basically kick started Brett’s 14 year career of Sales and Marketing design firms.
In the past 14 years, Brett has represented such distinguished companies as R/Greenberg Associates, Greenberg/Schluter, Bruce Schluter Design, Anti-Gravity, Fuel, Belief and Troika Design Group.
In 2005, Ashy launched “The Ashy Agency”, which currently markets the motion graphic design, live action, interactive, print and visual effects talents of Bigsmack, Big Star, Eloisa Iturbe, Engine Room, Eyeball, Fresh Paint, Laundry, Monkeyhead, Nailgun, Roger and Spillt to the broadcast and new media industries.
Ashy was elected Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Broadcast Designers Association (BDA) in 2007 and served his two-year term. He is currently immediate past chairperson and serves on the PromaxBDA executive committee.
An avid theater patron, Ashy also enjoys traveling and spending free time with his friends as well as his dog, Mooch. He is passionate about the design community and is committed to working towards it betterment.
About Promax/BDA:
Promax was established in 1956 as a non-profit, full-service, membership driven association for promotion and marketing professionals working in broadcast media.
In 1997, The Broadcast Design Association (BDA) who had partnered with Promax for years on their annual conference, officially joined forces with Promax. 
Today, the PromaxBDA membership represents every major broadcast and cable television organization, radio, computer hardware and software corporations, internet and other emerging technology stakeholders, premier design, promotion and advertising agencies, amongst numerous others. 
PromaxBDA aims to be the leading global resource for education, community, creative inspiration and career development for marketing, promotion and design professionals within the entertainment/information industry.  It is the mission of the PromaxBDA Association to lead the conversation about the role marketing, promotion and design play in the value of media across content platforms. 
With a combined membership of over 3,000 companies and individuals drawn from more than 70 countries, PromaxBDA is a truly international organization uniting the individuals who will pioneer tomorrow’s electronic and broadcast media. 



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